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I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed this morning…. So I will most probably wait a week or two until I start coding again.

Cool wallpaper for your phone!

New app! Download and review!


So basically some of my friends were wondering, I wanted to post these questions that I answered for my friend’s project.

1. How did you first become interested in making apps?
I had been using a iPod touch for a couple of years, and since I was really interested in computers and other things, I decided I would give it a shot.

2. How did you learn to make them?
First, my father had forced me to learn JustBASIC, a form of VisualBASIC (made by Microsoft) so I could learn syntax and programming logic, before heading down the road to apps. After that, I bought different books that would instruct you on different coding styles, and even give examples.

3. What is the most challenging part and what makes it so challenging?
The most challenging part (for me) is making the graphics of the app, because of the fact that it just takes so much time. When you finish coding an app, you still have to make 6 total icons, a launch image, image for the app store, etc. It takes a VERY long time, especially since they are all different resolutions. The second most challenging part would be writing the description on the app store page, because, being the seller, you want to write a catchy description so people download/buy your app.

4. About how long does it take you to make a fully functioning app?
A fully functioning app can take as little as four days, or even up to multiple weeks/months, if you spread out the coding. (4 days requires 24 hours of coding/work a day)

5. What part is most rewarding?
The most rewarding part would have to be the fact that when I google my name, I get iTunes results of my applications, and it makes me feel really proud of myself. (Other than getting monthly paychecks…)

6. What is the process for getting an app accepted like?
When I finish my apps, I have to head over to Apple’s developer portal, in which I have to specify different information such as the product number, the name of the app, version number, 2 categories, along with all the screenshots/icons, and even some keywords (for when it is searched). After adding all this information, you have to make a package in xCode, and then upload it to Apple’s website. After you upload it, iTunes/xCode automatically checks to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything — launch images, icons, descripton, etc. When your app has finally made it past those checks, it goes into Apple’s review queue. At this point, it takes 7-14 days for it to start the review process, and after it starts, 1 hour later, you receive a email, telling you of it’s acceptance/rejection. (A painfully long process, it is difficult to be patient)

7. Have you ever had an app rejected? If yes, explain how you were able to overcome it and if no, how are you able to avoid it?
Actually, my latest app was rejected by Apple. What had happened was I had successful coded my app, created all the image stuff, and since it was a universal app, (both for iPhone/iPad) and I didn’t have an iPad to get screenshots from it, it was rejected. I was very disappointed, since I had spent 4 days over spring break of 24 hour coding days to finish the app. How I plan to overcome it, is a) go to Apple store and get screenshot b) Borrow someone’s iPad c) buy an iPad. And since my grandpa has an iPad, option B is the best one for me. 

8. What is the main reason why you make apps?
The main reason I make apps is because I enjoy programming, and all things computers. Another reason would be the $$ I am paid monthly.

9. Do you have any plans for future apps?
Future apps — this is difficult. However, as soon as I get that screenshot, a Temperature Converter will be submitted.

10. What areas do you think you can still improve in?
Everything. From my image making skills with Photoshop, or even  the entire coding process as a whole. I am currently looking into taking an Objective-C class, since the language is one of the more difficult languages.

11. How do you come up with your ideas?
My ideas are mostly from books/internet, however both the temperature converter and my game, Kill the Spider, are my ideas.

New app!

Finally wrote my new app! I have sent in for review!







Sorry guys! I just came to update my Twitter, @YashaApps, when I realized I hadn’t updated this blog in WAYY to long. Well it’s all good now, I just updated it.

P.S.: I am actually working on an app, I haven’t given it up. It is a new game, more hints to come soon!

I’m back!

Hey guys,
Haven’t updated this in a while, I started school an with school comes homework. But, I’m going to be working on a new app this weekend. Any suggestions? Yashasapps@gmail.com or @yashasapps on twitter.


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